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Becoming the chosen approach to personal support for those in leadership or other challenging roles, or people who just want to keep on doing what they do as well as they can so are looking to build resilience. Coaching is about releasing potential and resourcefulness.

I offer Business coaching for key individuals in organisations. This might be to support them through a significant transition, or just as recognition of their contribution.

I also offer life coaching for people who want to achieve particular goals, re-evaluate their direction in life, or release their creativity.

Coaching is a structured process, involving the use of questionnaires and other activities, combined with face-to-face or telephone contact. If you are interested, please call or e-mail me.

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About Organisations

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Workplace Counselling

In stressful occupations, both employers and staff members experience the effects. Individuals may suffer stress-related problems like increased anxiety, lack of motivation, relationship difficulties and even depression. Managers may have to deal with poor morale, declining performance and high rates of sickness absence.

A well-established approach that helps to address these problems is the provision of workplace counselling. This may take many forms, but fundamentally means that the employer pays for an individual staff member who is currently experiencing concerns to have sessions with a professional counsellor.

A major piece of research by prominent counsellor and academic Professor John McLeod has reviewed the results from all the research into the effectiveness of workplace counselling between 1980 and 2005.* His findings indicate that, in the workplace:

'(C)ounselling is generally effective in alleviating psychological problems, has a significant impact on sickness absence, and has a moderate effect on attitudes to work.'

His findings show that sickness absence can be reduced by 20-60%.

The service I offer gives an individual access to 6 sessions of counselling for around £400.

The sessions would usually take place on a weekly basis, in my own comfortable therapy room. The individual contacts me directly, after being given authorisation by their manager to do so. The content of the sessions is completely confidential. The employer is billed for the number of sessions arranged.

*McLeod, J. (2010) The effectiveness of workplace counselling: A systematic review. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research 10 (4) 238-248


I have a wide experience of facilitating groups in communication and leadership, stress-management and self-awareness. I also train psychotherapists and counsellors.

Feedback from one participant:
‘You nurtured an atmosphere where people were willing to experiment, take risks and be open to sharing experiences. I personally loved your calm presence and soothing pace.’

Veronica Colam Chester University Counselling Community


A practising writer myself, I offer workshops on creative writing, particularly for gaining personal insight.


I have worked as a professional storyteller. My current interest is in running workshops where participants use attention to their own body and breath, and sensitivity to others in the group and the wider environment to compose and share stories that emerge from the immediacy of the moment.

Storytelling in Organisations

Stories are an informal but powerful communication force in organisations. The stories that an organisation tells itself about itself strongly but subtly affect the way people perform. Are the stories told in your organisation giving you the outcomes you want?

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